Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evaluation of Bullying campaign

This project was a project about bullying and how to advertise anti-bullying. I chose to do anti-bullying games which had to be none violent with animated figures. The project didn't work properly in the beginning because there was no software to make this kind o games. The software we had was always violent so that didn't work. We tried downloading something that worked but that was violent as well. In the end we had to make a keynote explaining what bullying is and explaining what we did. I made a garageband song to go with it. It didn't work out the way I wanted to but I can't change that now.

THe time we used was often not used properly but that was not our fault. We had to download big files for game-making and that took quiet long. In that time I was working on the garageband which made it better. THe next time I will take something easier. 

In the end we didn't have much time to make the keynote because we had research before that. The keynote is still ok but we could have done a better job if we had time. The plan and create stage didn't work properly at all. We couldn't do anything with the game machines so that was bad. The only good create thing was the keynote and garageband.


We started the project. We chose to do game creating. 

We had a first look at some websites for game creating. We think about how to make an anti bullying game. No violent and animate figures.

We look for a website that does these kind of games. We don't find anything.

We look for a game building program. We found something and download it. Takes until the next lesson to download. 

We think the program is going to be good and start creating.

We try the game and in the end it is a shooting game. We delete the program. 

We decide to simply make a keynote and Garageband because everything is a waste of time. 

We create both.

We need to finish everything. We didn't have much time because we did the game research before.

We started the project. I chose to create the keynote and Felix made the Garageband.

Client Meeting

Dear Client,
I am very proud to present to you the final product of this project. We realize that you asked for an interactive game but we were unable to find a suitable piece of software. So instead we have created a keynote with homemade music made on garage band. We look forward to presenting it to you next week. Here are some samples of the project for you.
Best Regards
Project Designer

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keynote and Garage Band

Today I started to work on our keynote. It is going to be a reflection of our difficulties finding software that we could make games with and a keynote giving information about bullying. Here are some screen shots of what I have done so far. Today Felix worked on the garage band piece which we are going to put on our keynote. Next week we have to present our project to our class so we also have to prepare for that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We have decided to make a powerpoint reflecting on our project. We have finally decided not to create a game because of a lack of game building software. but to make our keynote more interesting I am going to create an anti-bullying song on garage band. Today we are going to do a mid project review of each others projects. 

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Investigation: Designing a Game

We have been playing a variety of games. We have been trying to evaluate games and figure out what we want or dont want to include in our game.

I visited this site where I was playing a Mario game. One thing that Felix and I decided upon was no blood and killing because we didn't feel that teachers would allow their students to play the game then. And that wasnt our objective.

We have also looked at other very similar games. Many at and and have decided that Mario or close to it is the kind of game we want create because we feel that it is more the kind of game that fits our ability and project criterion.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Investigation; Anti-Bullying Campaign

Here are some websites that I am going to compare and evaluate.

PBSKids is a very good website which covers all of the different aspects of bullying from what bullying is to how it can be dealt with. bullying is not the only topic that this website covers. It also includes advice and information about friends, family and school. If you are having trouble in a certain area, be sure to check out PBSKids.

This is not as interactive as PBSKids however it does refer to PBSKids often. This site is more suitable for an older age group than PBSKids is. This blog shows individual cases of bullying, causes of bullying, solutions and it looks at all of the different types and ways of bullying. This could be a good way to talk about personal bullying experiences then you might also be able to get feedback from other viewers about what to do or ways to help.